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So I've started this community for those who want to hate on theory a bit. Or "theory", or Theory, or Grand Theory, or maybe you just hate a specific set of theoretical concepts.

Made to feel like a heretic for your views?
Want to share your angst at having to read what you think is a pile of crap? 
Want to complain about professors pushing their views on you? 
Want to complain about groupthink or stupid jargon? 
Want to look for other ways of doing academic work? 
Just want sympathy? 

I'm hoping this will be a place for all of those things. 
Maybe there is no demand for a place like this but we shall see.

In many academic communities, there's like, a zero tolerance policy for this kind of stuff - say you don't like something about your discipline's particular commitment to "theory" and it's like you've just stirred a hive of  WASPs.  Pun intended. I've seen it happen many times, and chances are if you're reading this, you have too.

The idea of this community is that the baseline is that it's okay to hate or distrust theory, whatever you might mean by that.

I'm adding a disclaimer here: I better come clean and say up front that I'm engaged in a type of theory, and in fact I'm damn good at what I do. However, this just adds to my belief that it's lame to shoot people down for hating theory. Theory for theory's sake is something worth questioning. 

Oh ya I hate Foucault, and I especially hate Foucault's army of zombie followers.

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