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Theory is Not All That
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Hate theory? The main purpose of theoryisnotcrew is to provide a space for people who want to question or complain about "theory" as we understand it, vent, whine, or wonder.

While postmodernism, deconstruction, or cognitivism may be obvious starting places for some of us, we welcome other targets from all disciplines. The more the merrier.

If you do work with "theory", but want to talk smack about a particular theorist (without having that theorist's bitches piling onto you), or if you want to complain about an outdated or overvalued theory, then this may be the place for you to vent too. However, be prepared that your own pet theories may be someone else's pet hates.

It is hard to have a discussion about "theory" if we do not agree on the terms, so please identify what kind of theory you mean - e.g. postmodernism; string theory.

WARNING This forum is not intended for those who want to defend Theory (or even theory); it is also not for anti-anti-theory snark - for this, try academics_anon. If this community sounds like the exact opposite of what you are looking for in a community, try our friends at theoryishotcrew.

No personal attacks or flaming please.
Lame trolling may be frozen or removed.
Over-reliance on jargon is frowned on.
Please seek prior permission before promoting your community.

Due to a small troll influx, permission to post in the community is currently moderated. We apologise for any delay in granting full privileges. Members may wish to lock some posts to avoid snark/repercussions.